Torchlight USA, LLC, is a world class, discreet, multidisciplinary business solutions, training, logistics, security, enabling and advisory service founded and managed by a team of experienced professionals from the American Military Special Operations, Intelligence, Cyber Warfare, Logistics, & Combat Medicine Communities and State and Federal Law Enforcement. Torchlight USA is comprised of highly dedicated and experienced specialists with extensive backgrounds including land and maritime based; counter proliferation; counter piracy, and peace keeping operations.

Torchlight USA offers additional subject matter expertise in aviation search and rescue, disaster contingency, criminal investigative, tactical medicine, linguist/translation services, humanitarian relief, executive & diplomatic protection, host nation liaison and consulting in direct support to US Government, NATO Coalition, and Corporate initiatives. Torchlight is readied to indefatigably provide our clients with performance based solutions via dedicated services of proven industry professionals and technology in any clime and place. Torchlight LLC is an elite, multifaceted business and is firmly committed to satisfying client requirements and full profile mission completion & success.

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